Our Mission

We are blooming ‘Business Venus’ amidst some of the most unprecedented crisis in human history. There is no doubt there crisis is an opportunity waking up humanity into Oneness.

In Cantonese, the word for crisis 危机与机遇 is the same for opportunity. In Greek krisis means ‘decision’, in Hebrew משבר and Arabic أزمة crisis calls for ‘a turning point’.

As humanity, we stand today at the cross-roads, seeing one road leading to a dead-end, and the other one into an unknown potential. On the one hand, we witness the death-pangs of an Old World Order based on materialism, patriarchy and nation-state sovereignty and consequential bio-holocaust of Mother Earth. On the other we may choose to simultaneously observe a silent unfoldment of a New Civilization based on interconnectedness and fundamental oneness of all human race, one that will usher a Golden Age of human life potential, marked by unprecedented technological inventions that will exponentially unleash our creativity, deeply affirm our spiritual reality, once-for-all restore our respect for Natural Law and rekindle our commitment to living a noble, virtuous live.

Today, when humanity is waking up into its maturity with an awake, aware mind questioning the status-quo, defacing the lies of pseudo-science and discovering underlying spiritual nature of reality.

At Business Venus, we are here to foster this discovery and explore spiritual solutions to world’s economic problems, employing cutting-edge technology in service of life’s potential. Our vision is world-embracing. Our aim is service to entire human race.

Set up with the intention to raise New Leaders, Business Venus serves as an Institute for Sacred Leadership, raising, coaching, broadcasting and publishing thought pioneers that will impact and influence the way we think and live our lives on Earth in the coming epoch.

We are open about our bias. We are thrilled about the vision of a New Earth that has been promised and awaited by all cultures. We are guided by Baha’i teachings in our outlook towards the future, while we honor our heritage – where we come from and what we have overcome. We have strong family values and we investigate for truth in an unfathered manner. We love debate, a clash of ideas, being hard on the problem and soft on the people. We learn from cutting edge scientists, outstanding CEOs, native shamans, as well as NAVY SEALs. We are inspired by ancient wisdom of the Vedas as well as the discoveries of Neuroscience. We are interested in what works.

Pioneering a new concept of leadership – Sacred Leadership, one that is based on the concept of Human Nature that is fundamentally spiritual, we inquire into the new possibilities this spiritual paradigm of reality opens up for science, world economy, education of children, human relationships and lifestyle.

We are busy raising New Leaders. Are you game?

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Evita Ramparte


CEO & Founder

Business Venus Limited