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Evita Ramparte


Evita Ramparte is an internationally known speaker, journalist, and author of several bestselling books. You may know her as one of the stars of the American documentaries ‘Hungry for Change’ on Netflix, ’Plant-Powered’ featured in Cannes, and ‘Food Heals’ Podcast. She has appeared on MTV Europe, Russia TV, Univision, Cosmopolitan, Polish Public TV,…etc.

After healing herself naturally from ovarian cancer, Evita has authored a series of bestsellers on health and wellness and became an internationally recognized wellness expert and a trend-setter in wellness industry.

Evita holds a double MA degree in Comparative Religion, as well as a Post-graduate degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. She is a student of Neuroscience at Harvard University. She is a Karezza mystic, a spiritual sensei and a catalyst of transformational leadership. Her multidimensional approach and unfeathered search for truth allows her to build a bridge between ancient wisdom, neuroscience, technology and culture.

Parul Agrawal

Parul Agrawal


India’s leading female business growth strategist, known as ‘The Bestseller Publisher’ in Phoenix, Arizona, who herself became an Amazon Bestselling Author while holding a baby over the kitchen counter, Parul Agrawal is now passionate about helping others to become successful.

She admits to having ‘committed’ several highly successful community books, especially the Growth Hacking Book which has united digital ‘avengers’ all across the globe in a mass-movement of sharing knowledge and secrets of the growth hacking industry – ‘what the Silicon Valley doesn’t want you to know’, and what eventually has become one of the Best Silicon Valley Books of all time.

Today, a Founder of the International Growth Hacking Day, a contributor to Forbes, and Entrepreneur, a TEDx Speaker, Parul Agrawal humbly shares her
digital media and publishing strategies to help entrepreneurs build and scale their business.

New Leaders for New Earth

International media and publishing group with journalists, reporters, writers and talent who have worked for Forbes, Newsweek, Cosmopolitan, LA Times, Huffington Post, Warsaw Voice, Polish Public TV, as well as Lady Diana, and Saatchi & Saatchi.

We raise New Leaders for New Earth. We have proudly placed transformational speakers in TEDx. We have published over 200 Authors and ranked their titles as Amazon #1 Bestsellers.

Our latest Digital Marketing Hot New Release has been endorsed by the Government of India, listed among top 10 most inspiring books for entrepreneurs in Forbes, and featured as the best online business book in Silicon Valley.


We create, support and facilitate digital communities for people to learn, grow and exchange resources.


We raise, publish and promote new thought leaders that bring forth transformational solutions.


We research and apply the newest innovative technologies to foster development of human civilisation.


We come from different cultures and backgrounds united in application of universal human virtues of character.

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