Evita Ramparte

Evita Ramparte

Evita Ramparte is an Internationally Known Speaker, a Bestselling Author and a former TV News Reporter. She is the Founder of BusinessVenus.com

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Sacred Leadership Needed ASAP

Leadership is a Spiritual Game. Leaders aren’t people-pleasers. Leaders aren’t nice. They are real. By principle, if you are not willing to make people uncomfortable, you won’t be able to lead them. They won’t grow in your presence. They won’t expand their horizons or sharpen their skills. Leaders are truth-barers. And – the world doesn’t

Could Indian Ayurveda Be A Cure for Covid And An Antidote for Bill Gates?
It wouldn't be the first time that Ancient Ayurveda proves effective in case of treatment…
Who’s Messing On The Checkerboard?
The world has been locked and shaken to its core... Despite the massive fear marketing…
A Lotus Growing From The Muddy Waters

Deep in the murky waters of pain, sorrow and misery, under the suffering of the children of mankind, beneath mothers’ tears and fathers’ despair, a Holy Lotus has been growing. Earth has been pregnant with the starseeds for ages. It has taken eons of time to time to awake and slowly push its head up

Add Beetroot Juice To Your Clean Detox, Hit The Road And Safe Your Sex Life!!

Did you know a simple clean detox with Beetroot Juice could save your sex life, and more? Yep! The Ancient Romans used it as an aphrodisiac! Beetroot was used as a popular way of treating fever, constipation, digestion and skin problems way back in Greek and Roman times and in the Middle Ages. We have

6 Tips For a Full Detox Cleanse to Get You A Lean and Healthy Body

Have you considered how a full body cleanse detox done properly, can give you a lean,…

3 Strategies of Alpha Female in Business

Alpha Female. Have you ever seen her? Roaming a cocktail party, negotiating her way in a no-waste-time mode of swiftness? Have you noticed her presence? Her grace? Her class? What’s her mind like? What are her secret strategies? And – most importantly – how can you model her and become a successful Female Business Leader?