Sacred Leadership Needed ASAP

Evita Ramparte

Leadership is a Spiritual Game.

Leaders aren’t people-pleasers. Leaders aren’t nice. They are real. By principle, if you are not willing to make people uncomfortable, you won’t be able to lead them. They won’t grow in your presence. They won’t expand their horizons or sharpen their skills.

Leaders are truth-barers. And – the world doesn’t like to hear the truth… Truth hurts, obligates, calls upon action. Truth challenges pre-conceived notions, and shakes up the status-quo.

Leaders are trail-blazers. Like wildcats they walk off the beaten path, often right into thorny bushes. They enjoy taking the risk of the unknown and the challenge of steep mountain slopes, rather than mainstream situations.

Leaders fail fast. The faster they fail, the faster they learn. That alone baffles the mediocre minds who somehow magically believe they can learn without making mistakes.

Leaders own their mistakes. They know there are no bad teams, no bad children, no bad nations. They know there are only bad leaders, and they master that art of extreme ownership, because they know the world falls for nothing less than courage.

Leaders are vulnerable. Deep inside they know – there is no authority without vulnerability, without kneeling down and saying ‘I’m sorry’; or without a humble request for help.

Leaders master virtue. They hold themselves accountable above all else. In check of their own moral barometer of truth, wisdom and compassion.

Princess Isabelle of France, who stood against the cruelty of King Edward I Longshanks, scene from ‘Braveheart’

Today when the world is making a 180 in order to avoid a global environmental suicide, when nation-state economies have been shut down: when all authorities collapsed, ‘stars have fallen’, values are shifting, Sacred Leadership is needed ASAP.

There is no time to lose. There is no room left for vacillation. Multitudes hunger for the Bread of Life. The stage is set. The firm and irrevocable Promise is given. God’s own Plan has been set in motion. It is gathering momentum with every passing day. The powers of heaven and earth mysteriously assist in its execution. Such an opportunity is irreplaceable. Let the doubter arise and himself verify the truth of such assertions. To try, to persevere, is to insure ultimate and complete victory.

– Shoghi Effendi

There is no doubt, a Change of Elites is upon us.

Who will lead humanity now – if not you? What if you are the one they’ve been waiting for? Will you show up now? Will you stand up now and lead humankind into freedom, into higher moral standards? Will you tap into your own inner knowing, your own inner strength and arise to lead as if your life depends on it? The world needs Sacred Leadership now.

If you do, heed these Words of Warning.

Leaders get crucified. Leaders get tomatoes. Leaders get laughed at. 

If you aren’t willing to receive judgement, jeopardise your reputation, or lose a few friends – this isn’t for you. If you don’t have skin in the game to give your life away, you aren’t going to gain it.

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True leaders aren’t popular. They aren’t walking in the glamour path or bathing in lime light. They aren’t into collecting likes and shares. On the contrary, they are Spiritual Provocateurs who feed off judgement. Look at Jesus, Buddha, or the Báb. They know the stakes are much higher. They know the kingdom is out this world and they couldn’t care less.

Leaders are invisible. They lead from behind. They nurture families, teams, communities. They serve. They wash the dishes, they pick up trash. They don’t ask whose fault… They make motions and movements, pulling strings, disrupting markets, do they not? They are interested in results, not in credits. They inspire.

Leaders walk towards stress while everyone else avoids it. They thrive in pressure, in high-alert environments. They soar like eagles above the storm taking the heat.

The Spiderman said that over and over: with great power comes great responsibility. And perhaps you’ve been waiting for the power to show up so you start giving off that surplus of energy and start leading by example? Well… What if Spidey lied? Is this is why you’ve been passive?

Leadership is precisely the opposite. Sacred Leadership rests on the premise exactly the opposite: with great responsibility comes great power.

Leaders embrace responsibility that is not theirs. They step in to clean up someone else’s mess, to fix things they didn’t break, to operate on the diseased-body of mankind – out of compassion. Because it needs to be done. And – this exactly makes them powerful. Not popular. Powerful. They give and it makes them abundant. They raise frequency, cause transformation and it makes them evolve. They Raise Standards.

Perhaps, you aren’t here to fit in?

Perhaps, you are here to lead

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