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Who’s Messing On The Checkerboard?

Who’s Messing On The Checkerboard?

Evita Ramparte

The world has been locked and shaken to its core… Despite the massive fear marketing campaign spread by the fascist corporate media, nation upon nation has arisen to question and pull out of the World Health Organisation.

The WHO is part of the United Nations, an international organisation, set up according to the vision of Albert Pike – a 33 Degree Mason, Illuminati and Occultist Grand Master who outlined three world wars in order to enslave all of mankind.

WWI took place according to the Plan. The League of Nations was created with the purpose to dilute national sovereignty and build international structures of global domination. WWII went according to the Grand Master Plan as well, and the UN was formed officially to keep peace on Earth.

However, since the UN was formed on October 1945, with all its agencies, we have had more wars on Earth than in the entire time of history before the UN. We also have had more poverty, hunger, drought, flood and unimaginable unprecedented bio-holocaust of species on Earth. Today, we also have networks of slavery and slave trade that Roman Empire could only dream of, and accounts of unfathomable, horrific crimes against children like we never knew existed before. The UN has earned a reputation as the number one human trafficking organisation. Those Diplomatic Passports must come really handy.

Despite, the World Health Organisation official mission to keep us well and healthy, we have witnessed an unprecedented spread of chronic diseases, Egypt-like plagues and Medieval pandemics. An entire International Drug Cartel has mushroomed like a fungi repressing availability of patent-free medicine (Hydroxychloroquine), recognition of organic herbs (such as Artemisia Annua), and research on alternative therapeutic methods (such as Fasting, PEMF or UV light). The Cartel has been shamelessly and successfully running the supply of opioid painkillers and mercy injections having successfully turned doctors and nurses into drug dealers. We vaguely hear of biotech trans-human labs, having crossed the species barrier and testing on men, women and children in China, Nigeria, Kenya, Cote de Ivoire or India. We hear independent scientist testimonials of bat-derived viruses, mouse-and-rat inspired cancers, with the crowning push for 7 billion humans to receive a ‘humanised mouse’ vaccination in order to serve as digitalised currency mining machines in the grand Rothschild’s cashless dream.

All this is blessed by the Holy Inquisition Fake Jesuit Pope who threatens hell upon his blindfold sheep if god-forbid they vote for someone who dares to try to stop the Holocaust of Earth, and endorsed by the Hollywood of self-proclaimed Pantheon of Stars who keep pushing the PR image of ‘poor Africa’ and ‘poor Asia’, ‘poor South America’ for the Neo-Colonialist Foreign Aid Programs to continue to hold a grip  on nations and their human potential.

The world is on schedule for WWIII according to the Letter or Albert Pike. The vision has been refined since then by the Project for the New American Century, led by Zbigniew Brzezinski and Henry Kissinger of the Bildenberg Group. WWIII was supposed happen a long time ago; in any possible way – starting from Syria, or North Korea, or Iran, or Poland, or from China… The hay of conflicts is dry. The Queen’s Demons are thirsty for blood. On April 6, 2020 the Illuminati Queen openly announced her desire to take children away from their family homes. Well… The Beast is showing its true face, isn’t it?


Yet, humanity is waking up, and leaders are pulling their nations out of the WHO. This isn’t going according to their Plan. Someone is messing on the Live Checkerboard of the illegitimate Rothschild Queen.

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The President of the Madagascar, who pulled out his country from the reign of WHO in preference of their local herbal treatment of Artemisia Annua?

The President of the Tanzania who made a spoof of the WHO by submitting into lab testing samples of car oil, jackfruit, papaya, goat and a pawpaw?

The President of the United States who halted funding of the WHO and put the Rothschild’s Federal Reserve under the US Treasury?

There is no doubt Someone Else is moving the chess pieces.. Someone who may fold the entire Checkerboard. Someone who may actually be a legitimate Heir to the Throne. We invite you to judge for yourself! Watch the Documentary – The Hidden King of England 

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