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The God Design – Secrets of the Mind, Body and Soul

The God Design – Secrets of the Mind, Body and Soul

Evita Ramparte

Religious dogma and religious clergy for ages of time have monopolized our understanding of Human Nature and God. They’ve been standing in between us and our Creator – selling ‘tickets’ to Heaven. Are we today mature enough to take charge of our own spirituality? Our own birthright? The Scripture is clear on what our priority should be and where are we to find it.


Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

– Matthew 6:33



The kingdom of god is within you.

– Luke 17:21


It is no accident that today when all authorities have collapsed, Kelly Marie-Kerr brings truth to light. The author, despite her young age, brings on years of extensive research and deserves an honorary PhD. in biblical theology, comparative religion, neuroscience, bio-chemistry, history, astronomy and astrology. She brings God back where God would like to dwell – within Human mind, body and soul, and we are proud to bring it into spotlight!


The God Design by Kelly Marie-Kerr

We read on Author’s website:


The God Design: Secrets of the Mind, Body and Soul is a thorough study and explanation of both the Spiritual elements and physical compounds that coexist to create what has become known as the “Sacred Secretion“. The author has endeavoured to answer the questions and comments that have been raised since publishing her first YouTube video title: “Sacred Secretion / Christ Oil / True Anointing – HEAVEN ON EARTH”.


In order to build the information within this book on a solid foundation, Spiritual, religious teachings and scientific theories and facts are examined, compared and paralleled.


Not only does this book reveal scientific and Spiritual evidence for the Sacred Secretion in order to assist the understanding of this amazing secret and absolute God given phenomenon, it also provides personal insights and practical guidelines on how to “raise the Sacred Secretion“.


Biblical symbols and metaphors are decoded with the aid of mystical insights and the corroboration of the latest scientific discoveries and theories. What will be revealed is the marvellous design of the human body – “made in the image and likeness of God” (Genesis 1:27).


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By realising and observing certain sacred truths the magnificent potential of the God Design can be unlocked and activated.


Specifically, this book discusses the scientific discovery of biochemicals, naturally produced in the human body, and associated neurophysiological structures that facilitate the awareness of realms of existence beyond ordinary, physical reality.


Serious, credentialed scientists are cited in this book, who based on careful experimentation, have concluded that these experiences in altered states of consciousness are as real as our physical reality.


All aspects of the Sacred Secretion are covered, from Scripture to science: the incredible nerve plexuses, chakras and churches of Revelations, sexual sperm and prostate fluids, divine male and female energies, the correct timing for observing the Sacred Secretion explained, biochemistry and melatonin conversion, the beauty and magic of the stars, the importance of the pineal gland and calcite crystals, how exactly to enhance the body’s vibratory frequency and why this is paramount for total health: mind, body and spirit, insights for abundance yielding nutrition, exercise habits, prayer techniques, meditation guides and achieving a vibration or attitude of unconditional love and bhakti.”


Could it be that Christ is not a man but our Spiritual Essence within us? A crowning glory of Human Potential? Our Divine Destiny?


How grateful we are to release this powerful message into the world!! Perfect timing!! And a perfect prelude for the incoming shift into Karezza Lifestyle.

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