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5 Tips To Succeed As A Family Entrepreneur

5 Tips To Succeed As A Family Entrepreneur


Family-owned Business has been always the surest foundation of strong middle class and healthy economy. It has a long history of success and tradition. It has been the basis of community exchange of goods, in all cultures all over the world.

My inspiration is always the real-life hero. Being a mom and a Family Entrepreneur, I understand the challenges of building an empire and managing a family. At times, it’s difficult to decide whom to attend to first — a crying baby or a client call?

Are you a Superhero or a Supermom?

As a mother and entrepreneur I am well aware of the challenges that come with building a brand new business while raising a family at the same time. Here are 7 Tips to succeed in your business and enjoy a fulfilling family life.


Stay Realistic in Your Expectations

There are many aspects to success in business: setting goals, having a structure plan, developing your leadership skills, being flexible and adapt to changes, your own experience, building your team as well as your problem-solving skills just to name a few. Your determination to succeed in your business endeavour not only greatly influences your success story, it is the driving factor of your achievements. It will help your through any difficult moments though to the finish line of your goals! 

Having a clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, being patient with your progress and achievements will help you keep your  spirits high and stay on the path of achieving your goals during the ups and downs of Family-based Entrepreneurship.

Know that you don’t have to do it alone! Every successful entrepreneur knows how to build a successful team of people around themselves who help them achieve their business success. 


It takes a Village to Raise a Child

The golden advice is to get help with high quality childcare so you can focus on your tasks. You may not need nor want a full-time childcare provider, but as little as a 3-hour block of uninterrupted time will help you being able to focus on your projects and move forward.

As a second priority, you should make time for yourself to recharge your energy and avoid burnout. If you are not recharging your energies and take time for yourself on a daily basis, you will burn yourself down. It is easy to get “swallowed” by the mother role and forget you are also a person, a woman, a friend, a high performance leader. Having guilt free me-time to feel like yourself again, not your “mommy-self”, is fundamental.

Entrepreneurs work in teams — with people who have the skills they lack. I can vouch for this myself. Working as a solopreneur handling different aspects of my business, I hit a roadblock. But once I partnered with people who complemented my own skills, I was able to channel my time and efforts into focusing on tasks I was good at. Teamwork makes the dream work, so if you want to build your empire, find your own tribe and start working together toward a common goal. 


Give Value First

Margaux Khoury said: “As mothers, we have very (very) little time to do anything that isn’t going to add true value to the world. By adding value first, the revenue and success will follow. So knowing when to quit is a real skill to learn.”

Her advice for Family Entrepreneurs is to know when to give up on something and move on. “The idea that quitting is bad is absurd. Entrepreneurs invent, they try different things. Until one day, they start the company they’re meant to start, and finish.”


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Stay True To Your Values

Just remember that we all, you all, have that potential in you and power in you to achieve all what you want, no matter what. Never give up.  Believe in yourself and listen to your intuition.  Listening to my inner voice has never failed me, and I always recommend my clients do the same, whether it’s their personal or professional life. If you are ever confused about your business decisions, sit down, meditate and tap into your internal guidance system to gain clarity and find your own answers.

But if I had to choose one, I believe it is the way you feel about your work or projects (whatever field that is in). When you do things with joy, passion, love, as well as the skills (or the humbleness needed to gain those skills), success is inevitable.


Balance Work and Family Time

That is not easy, and to be honest I still haven’t mastered it 100% and there are always “fall throughs”, days where I feel like there is no balance whatsoever and everything is chaotic.

But I do have ways to try and achieve that balance in most days; by creating high performance rituals, daily schedules according to my energy, needs and time. For example, I am most productive in the morning, so I have a teacher with my children for 3 hours in the morning which I dedicate to work. I wake up earlier to “prime” my energy and have some me time. I prioritise my daily exercise to feel good and keep my energy up. I plan every day quality time with my children, and I use evening times when my energy is “calmer” (let’s call it that way!) to study, research and clear my energy from the day. Goal setting is very important for me, I set goals in every field of my life, short term and long term, and revisit my goals once a week when planning in the next ones. However, when plans fall apart for diverse reasons, I look for solutions and ways to achieve those goals and balance in a different way.


Being a Family Entrepreneur is certainly not easy, but many women managed to build an empire without sacrificing family. Now that you are inspired, how will you manage your career as a business leader?

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