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Add Beetroot Juice To Your Clean Detox, Hit The Road And Safe Your Sex Life!!

Add Beetroot Juice To Your Clean Detox, Hit The Road And Safe Your Sex Life!!

Evita Ramparte

Did you know a simple clean detox with Beetroot Juice could save your sex life, and more?

Yep! The Ancient Romans used it as an aphrodisiac!

Beetroot was used as a popular way of treating fever, constipation, digestion and skin problems way back in Greek and Roman times and in the Middle Ages.

We have recently re-discovered it as more people are using a simple clean detox to regain their health. Good thing too! Scientists have demonstrated that  incorporating Beetroot Juice into our daily diet can reduce blood pressure, increase the body’s stamina for strenuous physical exercise and reduce the risk of developing dementia (Did I forget something?!).

Even the rich color of beetroot juice is alluring. To me, it looks like liquid velvet, a royal deep red, the drink of kings and queens! Talking of color, don’t be surprised, or alarmed if your urine or stool turn red after drinking a glass of Beetroot Juice. No need to call 911, it’s perfectly normal!

So why do I make a Beetroot Juice almost a day?

I make beetroot juice most days because of the energy boost it gives my body. Beetroot is naturally rich in iron and folate, potassium, magnesium, vitamins A, B6 and C, carbohydrates, protein and fibre. As it contains many antioxidants, it is an ideal part of a juice fast or simple clean detox program. Juicing fruit or vegetables makes it easy for the body to absorb all the nutrients quickly and efficiently.

When you make a Beetroot Juice, along with all the vitamins and minerals, your  body will be absorbing a color pigment called betalain. Apart from being anti-inflammatory and anti-fungicidal, there is some evidence to show it can fight cancerous cells in the body. What a super food!

And there’s more. Beetroot Juice is an effective solvent of inorganic calcium deposits in the body and it is these deposits which may be responsible for diseases such as arthritis, heart disease, varicose veins, kidney stones, eye problems can also contribute to erectile disfunction as the tiny arteries become clogged with deposits, as in coronary artery disease.

So, making Beetroot Juice makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

Don’t be put off if you’re not crazy about the taste of beetroot juice at first. I didn’t like it either. It’s an acquired taste, the more you drink it, the more you like it. And when you consider the health benefits, you’ll love it and you’ll be running to the kitchen and your juicer to Beetroot Juice all the time.

How to make Beetroot Juice

3-4 firm beetroots

A good paring knife

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A juicer

Always use fresh, raw beetroot. The cooked ones which are available in packages in the supermarket have had most of the goodness taken out by cooking.

Wash the beetroots well, being sure to remove any mud or dirt from the surface. No need to peel them – a lot of the valuable nutrients are right there in and just under the skin. Chop the beetroot into chunks. Keep the greens and add them to the juicer because they too are full of healthy minerals and vitamins.

That’s it, just switch the juicer on and the beetroot juice is ready for you to drink. Go easy at first, just drink a little at a time. Give your body a chance to get accustomed to this powerful elixir.

You can mix it up by adding carrots, apples, ginger. Go crazy, try all kinds of vegetables and fruits for different flavors!

So you see, making a Beetroot Juice is simple, low cost and might just save your life. It certainly makes me feel great, cleansed and zinging with energy!

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