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3 Strategies of Alpha Female in Business

3 Strategies of Alpha Female in Business

Evita Ramparte

Alpha Female. Have you ever seen her? Roaming a cocktail party, negotiating her way in a no-waste-time mode of swiftness? Have you noticed her presence? Her grace? Her class?

What’s her mind like? What are her secret strategies? And – most importantly – how can you model her and become a successful Female Business Leader?

As a journalist, I have interviewed a lot of women who are business leaders, politicians, celebrities, artists, authors, coaches. You name it. When I stepped into the coaching arena myself, I have heard stories and stories of women who struggle to make a living doing what they love. Seeing both sides of the fence, it is clear and evident there is a world of difference that sets them a part. It is in their attitude, in their psychology, and it reflects itself in action.

Here are the three hidden strategies of Alpha Female in business:

Rule No. 1. There Are No Rules

Aha! Seriously. There are no rules in business that you have to abide by. Besides basic courtesy that pays in long term, besides the different ways of trust building and melting the ice, besides some technical software shit you need to key-in, really – there is nothing else out there that would limit you. The canvas is blank. And the tigress knows this. The jungle is at her feet. She is the queen and everything is up to her.

Rule No 2. I Make My Own Rules

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Oh! Alpha Female wears this statement everywhere she walks in. It is like her second skin. Her rules might be ferocious at times, but usually are filled with grace, power, wisdom, and guided by intuition. She is tuned into her instincts, into her inner senses. Her senses deliver information, her mind projects possibilities. She roams the jungle of business with no hurry. She owns it after all. She is present to sense where the pray is, and comes close, very very close. And what she makes that quantum leap – she never misses the game.

Rule No 3.  Questions? Look Rule No. 2.

Alpha Female loves her freedom also in business. Like a real tigress in the wild, she is undomesticated, and needs space in order to create. The business alpha female doesn’t stick much to the answers handed down to her by authority – be it media, relationships or power. She doesn’t like to be constrained by someone else’s limitations. Instead, she is always ‘in question’ acutely aware of the infinite possibilities available to her, and pushing the edge with her ingenious mind: What else is possible? How does it get better that? What will expand my territory? How much fun is going to be? What can I learn here?

The jungle of business is changing. According to Forbes, 50% of Fortune 500 companies are not going to be here in 15 years. They will become redundant. Our Alpha Female is not heading to Hollywood anymore. She is heading to Forbes!

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