God Design – A New International Bestseller by Kelly Marie-Kerr

Religious dogma and religious clergy for ages of time have monopolized our understanding of Human Nature and God. They’ve been standing in between us and our Creator – selling ‘tickets’ to Heaven. Are we today mature enough to take charge of our own spirituality? Our own birthright? The Scripture is clear on what our priority…

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Who’s Messing On The Checkerboard?

The world has been locked and shaken to its core... Despite the massive fear marketing campaign spread by the fascist corporate media, nation upon nation has arisen to question and pull out of the World Health Organisation. The WHO is part of the United Nations, an international organisation, set up according to the vision of… Read More

Sacred Leadership Needed ASAP

Leadership is a Spiritual Game. Leaders aren't people-pleasers. Leaders aren't nice. They are real. By principle, if you are not willing to make people uncomfortable, you won't be able to lead them. They won't grow in your presence. They won't expand their horizons or sharpen their skills. Leaders are truth-barers. And - the world doesn't… Read More

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